About The Women of Fatorda

The Women of Fatorda is a brand that champions the traditional, authentic and unique cuisine of Goa through a wide range of curated masala blends created by women Self-Help Groups that represent the Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Tribal communities of Goa. These recipes go back hundreds of years and are handed down generations within their families and communities and carry the aromas of Goa’s rich and eclectic cuisines.

The Women of Fatorda is both the product of our strong desire to showcase Goan home cooking and the unwavering determination of women to claim their social and financial independence. These unique masalas are made with the choicest ingredients sourced from local farms and are hygienically packed for a true Goan culinary experience. They contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

Off the beaten track. The soul of Goa.
Traditional. Authentic. Rare.

Much of Goa’s identity and reputation stems from its premier position as a holiday destination in India, with its many palm-fringed beaches, laid back life style and, of course, good food. Despite the huge popularity of its cuisine, for most outsiders, Goa’s delicacies do not stretch beyond the mainstream Portuguese usual suspects and their Goan derivatives. This regrettably overshadows a vast repertoire of Goan Hindu, Christian and Muslim creations, along with that of the indigenous tribes, that are outstanding in their taste, character and style of cooking.Even the various specialities of its regions and localities that lend variety and richness are mostly overlooked and never attempted. The Women of Fatorda brand of masalas aims to showcase these unknown and hidden gems that reflect the essence of these communities through recipes that are handed down many generations. While you enjoy our unique masalas, discovering new tastes and textures, trying out new preparations with them, we hope to bring about a shift in perspective with which all of us view Goa and its eclectic cuisine.

Fatorda, Goa

Fatorda is a quiet suburb of Margao city in the region of Salcete in South Goa, India. The state of Goa forms a part of the Konkan region on the west coast of India with a population of 1.4 million, idyllic beaches and distinct cuisine. The character which ensued from its history as a Portuguese colony for about 450 years reflects an idiosyncratic culture that combines both Western and Indian styles that is liberating and vibrant, and manifests itself in many forms––in their festivals, architecture and indeed, cuisine.

Although Fatorda has become heterogeneous in the recent times with the influx of many from outside the state, the region is the original home of many distinct communities, tribes and aboriginal peoples who have, over hundreds of years, maintained their identity, safeguarded their traditions and protected their culture. Many of Fatorda’s pioneers like the Gawli and Kunbi tribes, the muslim community of Chandrawada, the Saraswat Hindu community and the Catholics have all contributed abundantly in creating a rich tapestry of culinary delights available in the region.

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