what our customers say about our masalas

I really liked the spice powder it was good I have already used thrice and the curry was loved by my family.
Cassie Silveira, Sancoale Goa
We loved every thing we cooked and will order again and again…. Have also sent to family in Germany… This is a taste of home… Thank you and continue the good work.
Crisologo Furtado, Chinchinim, Goa
“I love them! That’s why I’ve bought a lot again! Thanks to the biryani masala I have rediscovered the joy of making biryani at home as the traditional process was just too time consuming.”
Sanjay Nirmal, Bengaluru
“I live in the USA. I tried the Mutton, Aamso Tikkso, and Gavli Bhaji and they are excellent and way better than the other packaged Goan masalas that we get over here. My only regret is that you are not able to export this high quality product.”
Roy Cardozo, USA
“If you like Goan food and like to whip up some authentic traditional Goan dishes quickly, these masalas are god sent. It has exceeded my expectations. The superb taste! The great aroma! Just like home cooking. Made by underprivileged women too. Full marks from me. Hope you up come up with more Goan varieties. Very nice packaging too.”
Nirmala Dias, Navi Mumbai
“Looks international, tastes like home. That’s how I will describe the masalas. Being a Goan myself, the tastes and the smells remind me of dishes I’ve tasted many years ago in Goa in my family. If you are a fan of Goan cuisine, I highly recommend to try these The Women of Fatorda masalas. You won’t go wrong because there’s little you need to do other than putting the masala! Everything is in the blend. You can be an instant Goan cook. If you can’t travel to Goa, try the masalas, it will take you there! Good show!”
Shilpa Sawant, Mumbai
Cuisines of the Kunbi and Gavli community were a revelation to us after being in Goa so many times! They are rich in taste and so unique. Since we mostly prefer vegetarian food, the fact that all the masalas are vegetarian is great news. We’re been trying vegetables with these masalas and they have come out extremely good. There’s a vast difference between these masalas and the restaurant ones. Excellent discoveries. Our family is hooked to them. Thanks a ton!”
Raveena Sekhar, Bengaluru
“I like the masalas, the packs, and above all the concept of great Goan masalas created by women who are trying to find their footing in society. I wish people patronise great products like these which have a social cause also to them. Women empowerment is something close to my heart and that’s not the only reason to buy them. They are as authentic as they get and the taste of traditional Goan home cooking is irresistible. There’s nothing not to like! Just go for it is my comment!”
Asha Chitre, Mumbai
“These are a new discovery. The Women of Fatorda masala blends are rich in flavour and tastes brilliant! The authentic taste of Goan cuisine. They are made by women from their home recipes that are centuries old. For a quick meal, these masalas come very handy because they are very easy to use. The amazing thing is that the masalas are all you need. Very little ingredients are necessary to prepare these dishes. The heavy lifting is done by the masalas and they are so easy to cook. I have become a fan”
Sanjay Rao, Bengaluru
“Highly recommend the wonderful range of delicious ready-to-cook masalas. Fresh, authentic, rich blend of spices and flavours builds up an exceptionally tasty dish. Works beautifully for seafood and meat. The masala is so convenient and easy to use because it is a complete blend that needs very little additional work on the dish. Well packaged, with recipe guidance, the product stays fresh without losing an iota of taste for a very long time in the refrigerator. So one can buy in bulk and use every time you want to spice up your meal.”
Nanda Majumdar, Mumbai
“Since the time I have tried the different varieties of home made hand ground masalas from The women of Fatorda , I have been enjoying using them in my meals! Every masala is so unique, brilliant in taste and flavours and makes cooking so simple and the food taste delicious retaining the authenticity of every traditional dish. Another important thing that I liked about the brand is that it empowers the Goan women of different communities who have created these masalas using their ancestral recipes. I am absolutely proud of the folks at Women of Fatorda who have done a great job to bring out these ancestral, traditional masalas for us to experience and at the same time provide a livelihood to these women! All the best to your team! Very proud!”
Amba Hegde Bhat, Pune
“Masalas from The Women of Fatorda are absolutely lovely. The taste and the flavors are rich and nuanced. On my recent trip to Goa I had a chance to compare the taste with the local eateries and I have to say these masalas are richer in flavor. The Women of Fatorda really know their cuisine!”
Dr Sraboni Bhaduri, New Delhi
“Love the idea behind the Women of Fatorda masalas, and love the masalas too. I tried some unconventional recipes with them and they were yummy. Recommend to all those who love good food!”
Shreya Jha, Mumbai
“Masalas that turned me from an average cook to a master chef in under 15 minutes. Super simple recipes with ‘finger licking’ good outcomes.”
Deepa Kumar, Bengaluru
“Just wanted to say your spices are superb, totally out of this world. We’re enjoying each and every preparation. Thank you so much, hope you keep enticing our taste buds forever.”
Dr Ashita Phadnis, Thane
“Just wanted to say your spices are superb, totally out of this world. We’re enjoying each and every preparation. Thank you so much, hope you keep enticing our taste buds forever.”
Dr Ashita Phadnis, Thane
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